2017 Award Winners

2017 Awards & Accolades Program

Recognizing Marketing Innovation and Excellence
In Economic Development

The Awards and Accolades Program recognizes excellence in print, audio visual or electronic communications that communicate and demonstrate economic vitality and development promoting the retention, recruitment, and expansion of business and industry to a city, county, or a region.

Applications submitted for the 2017 Awards and Accolades program were evaluated on the following criteria.

Evaluation Criteria

Describe the marketing and/or communications challenge or goals the entry addressed. [250 word maximum] (15 pts)

Extent the entry reflects creative vision and innovative design. [250 word maximum] (20 pts)

Extent the entry was a quality publication and communicated consistent and effective message(s) that supported the goal(s) of the marketing/communications effort. [400 word maximum] (20 pts)

Extent the entry resulted in sustaining or promoting economic development or significantly advanced awareness of your community as a place to have a business or to live and work. Include reference to analytical tracking tools or reports if available. [400 word maximum] (25 pts)

Extent the entry organized and communicated a consistent and effective message that supports the mission of your economic development department, agency or strategic plan. [250 word maximum] (20 pts)

Awards applications were evaluated based on Population range and Awards Categories as follows:

Population Range

• Population less than 15,000
• Population of 15,001 to 40,000
• Population of 40,001 to 100,000
• Population over 100,000

Awards Categories

• Print Brochure/Newsletter
• Multimedia/Video Promotion
• Marketing Campaign
• Social Media Campaign/Web Site

Population less than 15,000

Print Brochure/Newsletter Winner

No applications submitted.

Multimedia/Video Promotion Winner

No applications submitted.

Marketing Campaign Winner

No award issued.

Social Media Campaign/Website Winner

Challenge: Fallon, Nevada, located about 60 miles east of Reno, is known locally for its agriculture, natural landmarks and outdoor adventure. While Fallon locals appreciate the City’s amenities, it attracts an older population of boomers and remains an undiscovered destination for regional millennial travelers. The challenge was to position the City of Fallon and surrounding areas as the ultimate destination for outdoor adventurists from neighboring drive markets.

According to Adweek.com, 71 percent of millennials check social media sites at least one time per day. Millennials make up the largest percentage of overall social media usage. The Visit Fallon Facebook and Instagram Accounts hosted outdated, unfocused and unprofessional photos, many from shared, user generated content. The accounts lacked the crispness and professionalism of a destination social media account; therefore, making it difficult to visually attract millennial tourists.

The City of Fallon researched over 50 millennial digital influencers and travel bloggers in the Pacific Northwest, most of whom were unaware of Fallon’s existence. Based on research from the Visit Fallon Tourism Authority, many northern Nevadans from Reno, Sparks and Carson City travel to Fallon for annual events and festivals, but do not visit the City regularly for recreational activities.

Campaign: Visit Fallon

Population 15,001 to 40,000

Print Brochure/Newsletter Winner

No applications submitted.

Multimedia/Video Promotion Winner

No applications submitted.

Marketing Campaign Winner

Challenge: Mesquite Regional Business is a fairly new organization, created as a non-profit in 2013 to provide economic development services for the City of Mesquite and surrounding areas. MRB is not a well-known entity in the community and has suffered a bit of a reputational challenge due to a controversial, political beginning. Charged with attracting business and industry to the area, MRB used the Economic Development Week campaign created by the International Economic Development Council and built our own Economic Development Week campaign to tag on to the national effort to both promote MRB internally to our own community and externally to the rest of the world in hopes of attracting site selectors and commercial projects.

Campaign: Mesquite & Economic Development Week

  1. Power Point Presentation
  2. Video 


Social Media Campaign/Website Winner

Challenge: The primary goal of the North Lake Tahoe Ale Trail Relaunch was to engage and grow social media audiences amongst the Millennial population who live in urban centers. Following an extremely successful campaign launch in 2015, the relaunch goal was also to use the evergreen campaign concept and strategy with new engaging and innovative tactics to engage with the target audience.

Campaign: North Lake Tahoe Ale Trial Relaunch


Population 40,001 to 100,000

Print Brochure/Newsletter Winner

No applications submitted.

Multimedia/Video Promotion Winner

Challenge: The County’s Economic Vitality program was getting ready to go through a process to update its Strategic Plan. Much was accomplished since the inception of the program in 2010, and there was a need to communicate the progress to the community and the Board of County Commissioners, two of whom were newly elected. The proposed video could also serve the purpose of captivating the attention of businesses, employees and their families considering relocation to the area.

Campaign:  Economic Vitality Video

Marketing Campaign Winner

No applications submitted.

Social Media Campaign/Website Winner

No award issued.

Population Over 100,000

Print Brochure/Newsletter Winner

Challenge: Despite a vibrant artistic and cultural scene that’s been an integral part of life in Northern Nevada for decades, the Reno-Sparks area has not been recognized either nationally or regionally for the richness of its cultural offerings. Increased recognition of the wealth of artistic and performing-arts resources of the region is critically important to the economic repositioning of the Reno-Sparks area. Abundant cultural offerings improve the region’s competitive advantage, particularly among entrepreneurial and professional workers, and help define the ways in which Northern Nevada is a special place. Museums, live theater and other cultural amenities also have proven to be an important drawing card for the region’s convention and tourism sector, providing options that encourage visitors to lengthen their stays. The Reno Arts & Culture Map successfully delivers the economic development message that the region is rich in arts and culture, and it provides sufficient specific detail to be immediately useful for visitors who want to sample some of the region’s cultural offerings.

Campaign: Reno Arts and Culture

Multimedia/Video Promotion Winner

Challenge: In early 2015, the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance (LVGEA) and the Clark County School District (CCSD) came together to explore ways of connecting businesses to vocational programs provided through magnet high schools and specialized career and technical academies. The b-roll used in both videos displays the result of this collaborative effort: the FutuReady program.

FutuReady features a series of industry specific tours inviting local business leaders to see and explore school programs. This program connects faculty and students with local business and industry leaders to facilitate internships, apprenticeships, and mentorships. FutuReady provides students with access to local businesses and awareness of career opportunities. Most importantly, this initiative creates new workforce pipelines to local companies as workforce skillsets are ever-increasing, in-demand, and becoming more technical than ever.

The technical and educational demands of advanced manufacturing, information technology, and health care industries push employers to find qualified candidates outside of local markets when necessary. It is paramount that businesses collaborate with vocational programs to ensure students receive proper training. Uniting education with industry allows students to become tomorrow’s candidates for the in-demand workforce of Southern Nevada.

Used as part of a CCSD “In-Depth” series as well as part of the superintendent’s “Pledge of Achievement” series, the overall goals of this promotional video to: 1) raise awareness on the FutuReady program; 2) to increase the potential partnerships between our region’s businesses and students; and 3) to demonstrate the school district’s college and career readiness initiatives.

Campaign: Futuready

Social Media

Marketing Campaign Winner

Challenge: Water Street District is the historic heart of Henderson, Nevada. Located just minutes from the famed Las Vegas Strip, Water Street District is a unique setting where Main Street USA meets progressive, dynamic thinking. A convergence of culture, commerce and authentic small-town sensibilities, the area is the product of forward-thinking redevelopment policies carried out by the City of Henderson. As with any neighborhood in transition, it is at times difficult to entice investors, developers and business owners to take the chance and relocate their business to the area, even when traffic counts and demographics may not initially appear to meet their needs. To combat this problem, we have custom-tailored several development incentives and grant programs to help projects bridge the financial gap they have to make a project pencil. The Water Street District recruitment campaign is used to sell our downtown core to developers and investors and inform them of the benefits of locating in a redevelopment area.

Campaign: Water District Recruitment

  1. Available Development Sites Brochure
  2. Grow Henderson Fund
  3. Nevada Business Journal Ad
  4. Rall-E Card
  5. Redevelopment Incentives Program Brochure
  6. Water Street District Branding Campaign
  7. WSDBA Membership Brochure
Social Media Campaign/Website Winner

Challenge: The LVGEA, just like other businesses, are data driven. Therefore, as the regional development authority for Southern Nevada, it is important that we are able to provide businesses with data and market information that could better assist them in their decision-making.

In June of 2016, the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance (LVGEA) through its Research Center launched a first of its kind Data Portal designed to help businesses, site selection consultants, and the community better understand the Southern Nevada economy. The Data Portal is a unique, web-based interactive tool that collects, organizes, and disseminates market information about Southern Nevada through an innovative and intuitive interface. It features advanced regional mapping, market comparisons as well as thousands of economic indicators and data points that are all updated in real-time. Simply put, the Data Portal is a gateway to information that enables users to visualize and easily understand complex market data and trends.

The goal of the Data Portal is to provide the community, businesses, site selectors, and real estate professionals accurate and up-to-date market and economic information in an easily accessible format. Through this instrument, the LVGEA’s goal is to be the innovative, trusted leader in providing regional market data to users.

Campaign: Data Portal

Honorable Mention

Challenge: Key communication challenges and/or project goals addressed by the Henderson Strong Comprehensive Plan Video “ Henderson Strong—Our Community, Our Future” include: Increasing awareness and understanding of often abstract and technical planning content. Conveying the practical benefits of community development and planning projects Drawing the correlation between place, industry, and workforce, pillars of economic development efforts. Fostering community buy-in for implementation and continued engagement Reach and resonate with a variety of audiences including potential new business.

Campaign: Henderson Comprehensive Master Plan

  1. HendersonStrong.org
  2. Video


Award for Economic Developer of the Year

Inaugural 2017 Award

In Memory and Recognition
Arnold Lopez

This year we are proud to add the inaugural Economic Developer of the Year Award to honor an Economic Development professional who has made outstanding achievements in the work of economic development in Nevada. This year, this award is being presented in memoriam to Arnold Lopez, Economic Development Executive with NV Energy. His almost 30 year career with NV Energy gave him the technical expertise which he coupled with his passion and love for growing jobs and industry in Nevada. He was a true ambassador for the state and, particularly for Southern Nevada, and his kindness and care for clients resulted in many impactful projects for our communities. Arnold was known as mentor, leader, colleague and friend to many. He embodied the true spirit of the economic development professional, and we are proud to honor his memory today and for years to come with this annual award which will bear his name.


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